Taron EST. 1995
“ ... but somewhat constant since 1995 - you are always greeted warmly, happy and smiling! ... ”

Caucasian cuisine of «Taron» will allure you with its tastiness. Meat is prepared here in accordance with all the rules – on an open fire and with skill. Shoti Georgian bread is being baked in tandoor, its flavor fills the yard of «Taron».

Bright herbs, flavory home-made cheese, slices of bread, juicy fruit, skillfully prepared meat and good wine – here are the things you’ll be served to you in “Taron”. It should not go without mention

Caucasian cuisine "Taron" will enchant you with its flavors.

Meat is prepared by all the rules - to open lights
and so with knowledge of the business. In toniri bake
bread - shoti, whose aroma fills the yard.

Bright green, fragrant cheeses, fresh edge
bread, juicy vegetables, skillfully cooked meat
and good wine - this is what will entertain you.

Only the freshest products from domestic, local enterprises are used in the «Taron» of kitchen. Every year we are sealing the food tins – from salting to home -made jams and marmalade. All these things you can buy and take with you as a gift to your friends or relatives or as a gastronomic souvenir for yourself.

In summer the towers of «Taron» drown in the green of leaves and osier and in winter they dive into the mantles of snow, but there are thing that remain unchangeable for 20 years –our hospitality and love that you will be always met here with

The territory is a large lawn with shade trees and rich greenery. It was on this meadow, we make over the summer "breakfast on the grass" picnics with hammocks and special grill tables where guests themselves a fried meat, fish and vegetables. There are concerts and Open Air.

We are happy to arrange for you to feast in the open if you contact us with this request.
* All details you can find out by calling us at: +38(032) 237 70 35 , or write an e-mail: taron@restaron.com.ua, or social networking page.
We love you and are always glad everyone
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